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Security Role Design Principles in AX 2012 R2

Several common design principles are used when creating the base 80+ security roles included in AX 2012.
These design principles include the following:
• Roles represent the common access rights that are required for the job positions within an organization.
• Roles account for the organization size, culture and industry focus.
• Users are assigned to one or more roles according to their job.
Role types.

  1. Functional role: for example: Warehouse worker.
  2. Organization role: for example: Employee.
  3. Application role: for example: System User.

• Role segregation categories: Functional roles are designed to accommodate segregation of duties. Different categories of roles exist that each focus on their type responsibilities.

  1. Validation: Clerks focus on recording transactions.
  2. Verification: Verifies validate the correctness of recorded transactions.
  3. Authorization: Supervisors authorize processing of the transactions.
  4. Management: Managers review transactions periodically and apply changes to the process as appropriate.

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