Dynamics AX: strScan Function

Searches a text string for an occurrence of another string.

int strScan(   str _text1,    str _text2,    int _position,    int _number)




The string in which to search.


The string to find.


The first position in the _text1 parameter to perform a comparison.


The number of positions in the _text1 parameter for which to retry the comparison.

If there is a minus sign in front of the _number parameter, the system searches the number of characters in reverse order from the specified position.

Return Value

The position in the string at which the specified string was found; otherwise, 0.

The comparisons are not case sensitive.

Values for the _position parameter that are less than 1 are treated as 1.

The direction of the scan is controlled by the sign specified in the _number parameter. A positive sign indicates that each successive comparison will start one position closer to the end of the string. A negative sign indicates that each comparison will start one position closer to the start of the string.

  • strScan(“ABCDEFGHIJ”,”DEF”,1,10); //Returns the value 4.

  • strScan (“ABCDEFGHIJ”,”CDE”,10,-10); //Returns the value 3.

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