Error message when you try to post an invoice for a purchase order in Microsoft Dynamics AX: “Voucher [voucher number] does not balance”

Description: When you try to post an invoice for a purchase order that has a penny difference of 0.10 in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you receive an error message that resembles one of the following:

Error message 1

Voucher ‘<voucher number>‘ does not balance. The difference is X.XX USD.

Error message 2

Info Posting
Voucher <voucher number>, date <date>, account <account number>, amount currency <amount currency used on the journal>, amount MST <amount of base currency>, alternative amount 0.00, currency <currency>, text Purchase invoice <invoice number>

Warning Posting the transactions on voucher <voucher number> do not balance as per <date>. (Company currency: 0.10 – secondary currency: 0.00)

Error Posting
Posting has been cancelled.


This problem occurs because Microsoft Dynamics AX has not been set up to handle rounding problems that may occur because of foreign currency exchange or general rounding problems. In this example, the maximum penny difference parameter is set to less than the difference of 0.10, which is indicated at the end of the error message. For example, the maximum penny difference parameter is set to 0.05.




To resolve this problem, change the maximum penny difference parameter to a higher amount to allow for the posting. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click General ledger, expand Setup, click Parameter, click the Ledgertab, and then type a higher amount than the difference in the journal in the Maximum penny difference For example, you can type 0.20.

    Note If you are using secondary currency, type the same amount in the Maximum penny-rounding in secondary currency field.

  2. Click General ledger, expand Setup, expand Posting, and then click System accounts.

Make sure that account numbers are entered for the “Penny difference in default currency” posting type and for the “Maximum penny rounding in secondary currency” posting type if you are using secondary currency.

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