Specifying the authentication method for an AIF web service

Since an AIF web service is a WCF service, all the same rules apply when it comes to specifying authentication methods and many other settings. Such settings allow
greater flexibility when customizing web services to enhance security, performance, and compatibility. When you generate a web service for the AIF, the default method
for authentication is basicHttpBinding. However, in most scenarios, the binding method for authentication should be wsHttpBinding. For more information on
wsHttpBinding, refer to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms751418.aspx. To change the authentication binding method, we must edit the configuration
file of a web service that was created when the service was generated.

The following steps describe the process of editing the AIF web service configuration file:
1. In Dynamics AX, go to Basic | Setup | Application Integration Framework| Services to load the Services form.


2. Select the service to change the authentication binding method and click on the Configure button. This will load the Microsoft Service
Configuration Editor.


Hint: The Microsoft Service Configuration Editor comes with the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework SDK or Windows Server 2008 SDK. This must be
installed in order to properly edit the web service configuration. Although you can use a text editor to make modifications to the configuration file,
it is not best practice, nor is it recommended. The configuration editor ensures that configuration settings are properly formatted.

3. In the Microsoft Service Configuration Editor, collapse the Bindings node to view the current binding. Notice that the default binding method is


4. We will need to create a wsHttpBinding method for authentication. To create a new binding, right-click on the Bindings folder and click on New Binding
Configuration…. In the Create a New Binding window that pops up, select wsHttpBinding and click on the OK button.

5. A new binding method of type wsHttpBinding, will be created under the Bindings folder. In this example, we will rename it to wsHttpBindingAif.


6. Now that we have created an appropriate binding method for an AIF service, we must associate the binding to the service that was generated,
so that it may be used as a binding method. In the Services folder, collapse the appropriate service (for example: Microsoft.Dynamics.
IntegrationFramework.Service.CustomerService) and collapse the Endpoints folder. Select the listed endpoint, and change the Binding
property to wsHttpBinding. Then in the Binding Configuration property, select the wsHttpBindingAif that we created.


7. Now that the correct binding is set, close the Microsoft Service Configuration Editor and save the modifications that were made. To ensure
that the settings take immediate effect, open the Windows Command Prompt and run iisreset on the web server.


Setting the appropriate authentication binding method will ensure that developers, external servers, and end users will be able to access the service appropriately.
Additional methods can be implemented to ensure a stronger security implementation such as SSL.

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