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Procedure: Add Security Role in AX 2012
« on: March 23, 2014, 07:35:40 PM »
To create a new role, follow these steps:
1. Open System administration > Setup > Security > Security roles.
2. To create a new role, click New.
3. If you are creating a new role, enter the name that you want to appear for the role in the Application Object Tree (AOT) in the AOT name field.

4. Select the check box next to each desired duty, privilege, or sub-role and then click Close.
5. To remove a duty, privilege, or sub-role from the role, select the duty, privilege, or sub-role, and then click Remove.
6. To change the role's permission level on securable objects such as controls, tables, fields, and server methods click Override permissions.

NOTE: AOT names must contain only alphanumeric or underscore characters. AOT names cannot begin with a number, and they cannot contain special characters or spaces.

8. To include all of the permissions from another role, open the Security roles form, and drag the role that has the permissions that you want to the role that you are modifying. By dragging one role to another, you create a hierarchical relationship, where the main role contains all of the permissions of the sub-role. If you change the
permissions of a sub-role, the changes also apply to the main role.
A role cannot contain duties that conflict according to the rules for the segregation of duties.

TIP: Security is organized hierarchically. Permissions on specific application elements are combined into privileges, privileges are combined into duties, and duties are grouped into process cycles. You can assign either duties or privileges to roles.