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Security Roles - Ax 2012
« on: March 23, 2014, 07:36:24 PM »
All users must be assigned to at least one security role in order to have access to Microsoft Dynamics AX. The security roles that are assigned to a user determine the duties that the user can perform and the parts of the user interface that the user can view.

Administrators can apply data security policies to limit the data that the users in a role have access to. For example, a user in a role may have access to data only from a single organization. The administrator can also specify the level of access that the users in a role have to current, past, and future records. For example, users in a role can be assigned privileges that allow them to view records for all periods, but that allow them to modify records only for the current period.

By managing access through security roles, administrators save time because they do not have to manage access separately for each user. Security roles are defined one time for all organizations. In addition, users can be automatically assigned to roles based on business data. For example, the administrator can set up a rule that associates a Human resources position with a security role. Any time that users are assigned to that position, those users are automatically added to the appropriate security roles. Users can also be automatically added to or removed from roles based on the Active Directory groups that they belong to.

Security roles can be organized into a hierarchy. A role hierarchy enables roles to be defined as combinations of other roles. For example, the sales manager role can be defined as a combination of the manager role and the salesperson role.

In the security model for Microsoft Dynamics AX, duties and privileges are used to grant access to the program. For example, the sales manager role can be assigned the Maintain revenue policies and Review sales orders duties.
By default, sample security roles are provided. All functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX is associated with at least one of the sample security roles. The administrator can assign users to the sample security roles, modify the sample security roles to fit the needs of the business, or create new security roles. By default, the sample roles are not arranged in a hierarchy.

NOTE: The sample security roles do not correspond to Role Centers.